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Do I Need a Home Inspection When Buying a New Construction?

If you’re purchasing new construction, it’s easy to presume that a home inspection isn’t essential. After all, the home’s constructed from scratch and tailored to your precise likings and needs. Unfortunately, new construction can have defects, at times major ones.

Keep in mind that a local inspection isn’t an assurance that everything has been constructed accordingly. It simply verifies the fulfillment of some minimum standards. While an inspection might seem like an additional cost, here’s why it’s necessary if you’re looking to invest in Eighty Seven Park condos for sale.

Home Inspection

Eighty Seven Park condos for saleA home inspection is a process in which a third party assesses a home’s structure, appliances, and other significant features. For instance, if you wish to invest in Eighty Seven Park condos for sale, the inspector will assess the property, issue a report on his findings, and you can ask the builder to repair any issues before closing on the home.

Essentially, inspections ensure you obtain a hazard-free and safe property while ensuring that you make a good investment. With new construction, experts recommend you have 2-3 property inspections. The first one is a pre-pour or foundation inspection and takes place just before the pouring of the foundation.

This one makes sure that excavation and grading of the site have occurred properly. Moreover, it ensures that footing and anchors are in place and sufficiently placed. In case the inspector discovers problems on this round, the builder can make modifications before the pouring of the foundation.

The second inspection involves pre-drywall or framing inspection. This one occurs after the construction of the entire frame. However, it permits the inspector to ensure the posts, beams, and other structural components are installed properly.

The last inspection is the one you’d have on a resale property, ensuring it’s safe for occupancy and finished per building standards. The builder should remedy whatever your inspector finds during an inspection.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about Eighty Seven Park pre construction. Our residences meet high standards and adhere to the relevant building codes. You can be confident that your investment is worth it.

Why You Should Consider an Inspection

New constructions could have problems

New construction might appear as if it’s in perfect condition. However, nobody has lived in it to know whether the appliances are functioning properly.

It’s easy to assume that new systems and appliances work. This isn’t always the case. After all, you’ve probably bought a new item that didn’t function properly. The same applies to homes. When you purchase a new home, you’ll be the first to use or test any of the systems or establish whether the basement floods during heavy rains. By contrast, older homes might have wear and tear and the law requires owners to reveal any known flaws.

Municipal inspections aren’t similar to home inspections

The role of municipal inspectors is checking whether compliance is evident when it comes to building codes. After all, building codes are the minimum standards. While most municipal inspectors do their best, aspects beyond their control make the inspections insufficient.

Repairs can take place before you move in

You need to deal with the noise and dust from repairs or the inconvenience of staying home while repairs are taking place in your home. While some minor touch-ups will be necessary after you move in, you’ll want the builder to repair any major repairs immediately.

Typical Issues with New Construction

Eighty Seven Park condos for saleIn existing homes, inspectors generally look for problems that emerge due to age. HVAC function, roofing condition, and termites are some of the things they examine. When it comes to new construction, inspectors must examine the installation and construction of the home. Some of the areas they look into include:


Inspectors will watch for any cut corners or overlooked items in the home’s construction. Areas such as insulation and ductwork can potentially miss in the home. Remember, some contractors are merely interested in seeing the fast completion of the home instead of quality.

At Eighty Seven Park, investors can relax knowing that the residents are under a reputable builder who takes pride in building quality homes.


Materials sustain damage for various reasons during construction. Some materials could face exposure to the elements for certain periods. Other materials might have undergone improper storage, installation, and handling. Flooring materials, pipes, siding, and tiles are likely to be defective during inspections.

While it’s easy to assume that new construction doesn’t require an inspection, the truth is that an inspection permits you to be proactive regarding your purchase.