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5 Eco-Friendly Add-Ons to Consider for Your Custom New Construction

Eighty Seven ParkIf you’re planning a new construction like Eighty Seven Park, one of the things you might want to take into consideration at the pre-construction phase is making your project as friendly to the environment as possible.

The term eco-friendly refers to construction techniques that leave as smaller a footprint on the environment as possible. It involves things like protecting our environment and conserving our natural resources.

Many people would like to join the effort of conserving our environment but don’t know just how to start. At Eighty Seven Park we believe that this effort begins by small steps like consuming less water, reducing consumption of resources like natural gas for heating your condominium cooking, making your building more efficient by using insulation to prevent heat loss and excessive running of the HVAC, bringing amenities like sports facilities as close to the residents as possible to reduces the number of driving residents do to these facilities and hence reducing consumption of fuel.

At Eighty Seven Park, we believe that we all have our small part to play in creating a sustainable ecology. Our community is committed to the efficient utilization and preservation of natural resources by encouraging eco-friendly options like community spaces and green construction techniques. Let us now look at some of the five eco-friendly add-ons you can consider for a custom new construction.

Insulating the roof with reflective materials

It is now standard practice to insulate the walls, floors, and the rafters of the roof. These insulating materials prevent the transfer of heat between the residence and the outside environment. So they prevent unwanted heat gain and heat loss.

Another form of insulation that is gaining more traction in modern housing is the use of reflective materials on the roof. Particularly in warmer climates like where Eighty Seven Park is located, one of the major ways of preventing your house from heating up from the sun’s rays is by reflecting the heat away.

A reflective roof surface will deflect the heat away and help keep your house cool. What this means for you is that you don’t have to run your HVAC to air condition your house. This translates to lower energy consumption for you and also means that the utility company uses less natural resources to provide you with energy.

The lower the energy consumption of your utility company the more you’re participating in conserving your environment.

Lo-Flow toilets

The luxury condominiums at Eighty Seven Park typically provide bathrooms in all the bedrooms. So for a 3-bedroom condo, the residence would have three bathrooms. Part of making this building eco-friendly is ensuring that the facilities in these bathrooms conserve bathing water and flushing water. Lo-Flow toilets keep your toilet clean and fresh while flushing with an optimal volume of water.

Selective cooling and heating of rooms

Eighty Seven ParkLarge luxury condominiums like Eighty Seven Park can consume a lot of energy heating or cooling rooms that are not in use. When you install a smart HVAC system, you can specify which rooms should be air-conditioned and at which times of the day. So if its night time, it definitely doesn’t make sense to be heating up the kitchen and the living room while you’re in bed sleeping. This action goes a long way in conserving the environment.

Low VOC interiors

Volatile organic compounds, (VOC) that are contained in paints are widely considered harmful to the environment. These solvents are widely attributed with causing headaches nausea, and nasal irritation to occupants of homes. So when working on any construction it is advisable to only select materials that are rated as low-VOC because they are less harmful to the environment.

Use renewable sources of energy

Solar energy is one of the most viable forms of renewable energy. It is easy to harvest using solar panels and easier to install when planned for in the pre-construction stage than it is to retrofit it on an existing structure.

So if you’re planning to buy property at Eighty Seven Park one of the add-ons you can request from the developer is to add solar power harnessing capability.

The climate in Miami is ideal for solar power harnessing because sunshine is always in abundance. Using renewable energy sources like solar reduces your dependence on electric power from the grid and natural gas or propane. Because natural gas and propane are exhaustible, the more you use renewable energy the more you conserve our limited natural gas resources.