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Why You Should Invest In Real Estate Today?

Investing in real estate is a great way to diversify your investment portfolio. Real estate is a tangible solid asset that is a great addition to your other Investments which might include stocks.

So let’s look at some of the reasons why you should invest in real estate today

Rental property

Eighty Seven Park CondoPurchasing a condo at Eighty Seven Park as an investment could provide you with some much-needed income streams if you convert it to a rental property. In this case, you buy it and rent it out in its entirety. Your break-even point will be calculated by adding the monthly mortgage expense, the condo fees, taxes, and your markup and then setting this figure as the rent.

So your tenant gets to live in a luxurious condo at Eighty Seven Park, and the rent they pay you offsets the expenses due for that property and leaves you with a profit.

So unlike a case where you are renting out a single housing unit, renting out a condo at Eighty Seven Park has the advantages that all the exterior maintenance work is carried out by the Homeowners Association. So you will not have to put on a tool belt and do repairs for your tenant.

As far as interior repairs, you can always get a professional management company to deal with that.

Flipping property

An alternative to purchasing new condos like Eighty Seven Park is buying an underpriced home that needs renovation before it’s occupation, carrying out the required renovation and then flipping it in the market. If the market is in demand for housing then flipping is a great idea, contrary to that you might run into cash-flow problems because you need to keep on making mortgage payments and yet the house is not occupied.

So flipping of houses requires individuals who have a lot of experience in this field and who also have enough capital to keep up with mortgage payments without running into cash flow problems.

Renting out rooms

The condo units at Eighty Seven Park have multiple bedrooms. So if you’re testing out investing in real estate you can rent part of your home. You don’t necessarily need to have a long-term arrangement with the renter. We advise that you go through a site like Airbnb that will pre-screen potential renters and guarantee against damages.

Real estate provides high Returns

With the population increase on the up-and-up, there will always be demand for good housing. High-end properties like Eighty Seven Park are always in great demand and are way easier to sell than the mid-tier or low-tier houses because the well-funded potential buyers for these properties know exactly what they want and are willing to pay for it.

Real estate always has a value

Eighty Seven Park CondoUnlike stocks, the value of an investment in real estate can never plunge to zero. If the housing market dips as it did in 2007, the patient investor can simply hold onto the housing and wait for the market to pick up again. So investing in Eighty Seven Park will provide you with high-value tangible assets that will always have a significant amount of equity attached to it.

Real estate always appreciate in value over time

If you study real estate data over a long period of time, you will cumulatively conclude that its value appreciates the longer you hold on to it. Some buyers might be put off by fluctuations like the one in 2007. But the real estate market is very resilient and always bounces back. So what you pay for a condo Eighty Seven Park today will be way less than what you can sell it for years to come. So you will get your profit.

Tax deductions from investing in Real Estate

Mortgage interest is considered a deductible expense from your taxes other expenses include the condo fees, property taxes, and insurance. All of these expenses reduce the amount of money you owe the government as taxes.

You can generate passive income for your Golden Years

Rental properties will provide you with passive income with only minor deductions for things like maintenance expenses. So you can have money coming in without having to actively work for it. So by purchasing a condo at Eighty Seven Park, you’ll get a great rental property that will provide you with this income.