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4 Expansive Floorplans For Homeowners Who Want Plenty Of Space

What’s the most important thing you’re looking for when you’re house hunting? For many people, it’s plenty of space. No one wants to buy a home that’s cramped and small, so you’re looking for floor plans that allow for lots of extra space and room to grow. Here are 4 floorplans that will give you all the space you need in your new home.

1. Open Plan Living Space

Eighty Seven Park pre construction condos for saleFirstly, let’s look at open-plan homes. These offer a large living space that encompasses the kitchen, living, and dining areas of your home. They’re more popular than they’ve ever been, although the idea is older than you’d think.

They’re popular because they’re so versatile, and they offer lots of space to those who have them. Taking down the walls between the areas makes the space larger, and makes it feel so much airier for those who live there. They offer lots of other benefits too, such as helping you watch your children wherever they are in the home, as well as making it easier for you to entertain if that’s your thing.

Lots of new developments, such as the Eighty Seven Park pre construction condos for sale, are offering open plan homes, so take advantage of that.

2. Full Sun Deck And Patio

Plenty of new developments are building their condos in places with amazing views. It could be a view of the beach or any body of water, of parkland, or even of the city itself. Wherever they are, you’ll have fantastic views to wake up to every day.

Developments are making the most of this by adding in sun decks that allow you to enjoy the view to its fullest. Again, take the Eighty Seven Park condos as an example. Some homes come with a sun deck that wraps all the way around the front of the home. No matter where you are in the home, you can step outside to see the view and take in some fresh air. Add in some outdoor furniture and you’ve got an extra living space that really comes into its own when the weather is good.

3. Bathrooms For Every Bedroom

Something that many homeowners are looking for is plenty of bathrooms. It’s so important, especially when you have a family. With everyone trying to get ready at once in the morning, you just need more space.

Homes with multiple bathrooms are a must. There are more with bathrooms for every bedroom now, making it easier than ever to get ready in the morning. In master bathrooms, double vanities are now commonplace, so you and your partner can get ready for the day. Bathrooms with a separate, enclosed toilet are also common too, which is even more helpful. Take a look for these when you’re house hunting.

4. Plenty Of Storage

Eighty Seven Park pre construction condos for saleFinally, when looking at floorplans, see what kind of storage is available to you. When you move home, it’s amazing just how much stuff you bring with you. Even when you methodically clear out anything you won’t need in your new home, you’ll find more of it once you’re settled. That’s why good storage is a must.

You’re looking for good closet space that you can put to the test. The Eighty Seven Park condos┬áhave plenty of closet space for you to put to the test. Use them for clothes, children’s toys, sporting equipment, whatever needs to be put away. Having all that built-in space is a lifesaver when you’re trying to find a home for everything.

Don’t forget the kitchen and living spaces too. Kitchens with lots of built-in cabinet space is a must, especially if they come with kitchen islands. You’ll be surprised at how much difference that makes in terms of storage in your home.

These are four floorplans that new homeowners are on the lookout for. They all give you more space than you’ve ever wanted, so you’ll have a home that’s spacious and comfortable. Look for open floor plans, lots of storage, multiple bathrooms, and sun decks that function as an extra room. You’ll have a home that will be the envy of all your friends.