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How Innovation and Technology are Helping Seniors Living in Condos

Senior people living at Eighty Seven Park continue to enjoy the same independent living they could when they were much younger and living in single-family units. These housing changes are necessary because condominiums are more ideal than single-family units as one gets along in age.

A well-designed condominium like Eighty Seven Park let’s healthy, active seniors reside and stay in the condominiums for the rest of their lives even as their mobility reduces as they get along in age.

Why the Housing change?

Before we look at how innovation and technology to help seniors living in condos, the fundamental reason why it is better to live in a condo than a single-family unit for an elderly individual is that condominiums are inherently less maintenance intensive than single-family units.

A lot of the exterior maintenance work of a complex like Eighty Seven Park is carried out by the management company. The major part of all the chores and renovation work and carried out by individuals living in single-family units would be done by a management company.

Secondly, most condominiums are a single story unit, making it easier for the elderly with reduced mobility to still move freely within their home.

Innovations that assist the elderly living in condos

In house Renovations

Eighty Seven Park condominiumModifications can be carried out on elderly housing to help the resident stay in their home longer. Open floor plans with wide spaces make it easier for an individual confined to a wheelchair to still navigate within their home. For the Eighty Seven Park condominium, the expansive space of the residence allows wheelchair mobility.

Elderly residents with inhibited mobility can request the renovation of the home to include facilities such as grab bars on both sides of the toilet and showers to assist them while using these facilities. And innovation like walk-in showers can also be modified to allow rolling in on wheelchairs. Another modification includes a fold-down seat in the chair to assist an individual to take a shower while seated.

Wearable Technologies

Technology has evolved to a point where advanced systems can be incorporated into a small device like a smart-watch or an app on a smartphone. These devices and applications include programmable reminders to alert the elderly on important tasks that they would normally forget.

Reminders might include doctor’s appointments, medication, and other common tasks. The smart systems include vitals monitoring which tracks parameters like blood pressure and alert first responders when these parameters are at a critical level.

Voice activation and smart homes

With reduced mobility, one thing the elderly will definitely appreciate is getting things done without having to physically move. Devices that can be commanded with sound reduce the need for an individual to move from where they are. An example of voice-activated technology is Alexa, which can be used to control lights, appliances, door locks, and other devices in a smart home.

Assistive Technologies

Eighty Seven Park condominiumThis is a term used to refer to technologies that assist people who are unable to carry out daily activities. They assist individuals with mobility impairments, visual impairments, hearing impairments, and Cognitive Impairments. And also include personal emergency response systems, accessibility software.

There are a lot of devices out there that still allow the elderly to be very independent and carry out their daily activities without the assistance of other people.

With a lot of information now being stored on digital devices, even individuals with impaired vision can access this information through screen readers that convert the displayed information into audio that individual can now consume.

Assistive technologies are also available to enhance the vision of the visually impaired. Technology such as NuEyes allows the elderly to wear a headset that projects an enhanced image of their surroundings.

Mobility impairment is no longer a deterrent for the elderly. Battery technology has improved so much over the years that compact battery systems can be placed in highly sophisticated wheelchairs which are also equipped with obstacle sensors and highly sensitive navigation systems. So provided that the residence has wide spaces like the Eighty Seven Park, then assisted mobility on a wheelchair should not be an issue.

Finally, condominium management software that keeps track and stores information pertaining to the condominium management can be linked to these Technologies notifying the elderly of pertinent information. So life for the elderly in a modern condominium is now of a higher quality thanks to innovation.