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The Low-Down on Downsizing: Tips for Moving from House to Condo

So you decided to make the move from a single-family unit to a condo as thousands of Americans do every single year. But the move seems overwhelming and confusing because your new house not only doesn’t have its own lot but is actually on top of another one. You have a different floor plan to contend with and that large front yard and the backyard no longer existent.

Eighty Seven Park condos are indeed very spacious but the orientation of your new condo may mean that you cannot carry everything with you to your new house. You will definitely have to contend with a smaller space because you will no longer need nor be able to store your drivable lawnmower.

This may not be the only problem your face so in this article we have discussed a number of tips that will assist you to downsize in your move from a family unit to an Eighty Seven Park condo.

Consider the floor plan of your Eighty Seven Park condo

At Eighty Seven Park condominiums, our floor plans are available for the examination of our future homeowners. The orientation and nature of the floor plan whether it is open or closed will affect the layout of your new condominium. You can use this floor plan and renderings to map out where the items of your home will go.

And by the way, this is something that you do in your old house so don’t carry your old furniture before making sure that you can fit in your new condominium. The dimensions of the apartment will be on the plan so you can reference them against the actual measurements of your old furniture.

If your old furniture does not fit you should find alternative storage for it rather than carrying it to Eighty Seven Park condo only to find that it doesn’t fit.

Go through your possessions

You will need to go through all your possessions from your family unit before transferring them to your condo. Make a list of the items that you need and then prioritize these items on which ones have to go and which ones would have to stay. Condominiums are generally limited in space so you may not carry all your dressers and have to select one only and leave the other just as an example.

One useful way of prioritizing your possessions is by looking at the number of times you’ve used it in the past couple of months. If you haven’t used it in a long duration then it is clear that it is not a priority and you don’t need to carry it to Eighty Seven Park.


The appearance of your new condo is highly dependent on your organization. Trying to fit in everything into a new home will lead to clutter. You may think about your son’s art projects that he did when he was in fourth grade and he is now done with college is something you need to carry, you’re wrong.  It only has sentimental value to you and not to him, such things you should leave behind.

Confirm if they will fit

To avoid the inconvenience and delays in trying to figure out where to take an oversized item then use the plan of the condo to find a similar room in your house and see if the item will be a good fit. This is also important to give you a good visualization of how well item will look good in your new Eighty Seven Park home.


It is important to have a plan on how you will dispose of items that you did not intend to carry to your Eighty Seven Park home. You can sell off items to give you a head start of hundreds or maybe thousands of dollars. This money may help you start up and even contribute to your condo fees.

What is available in your condo

Your new home may come equipped with certain facilities already built-in. You may not need to carry your treadmill and other large gym equipment if these are already available at the communal gym because you may use the valuable space at your new home to store items you do not need.

It can be overwhelming letting go of items you grown attached to over the years but taking this step will lead to a better quality of life in your new condominium.